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Keeping you on the road
HB Commercial offers full maintenance support, assuring you of quality and professionalism all the way by taking full responsibility of your vehicles allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

At HB Commercial we can take over all your maintenance worries on your van, bus, truck and trailer strategically positioned in the Suffolk and Essex area:
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ministry inspections and servicing
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DVSA ATF station with two lanes
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MOT preparation and presentation
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truck diagnostics and repairs
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tachograph centre
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full EBS/ABS diagnostics and repairs
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accident repairs
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24 hour call out and recovery
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wash facilities
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mobile services
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service and full repair & maintenance contracts
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truck and trailer rentals
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used truck and trailer sales
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air conditioning and fridge service and repairs
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quay checking and fuel services
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van service
Repairs on commercial vehicles, including trailers, require expert technicians and advanced tools.

At HB Commercial we have invested in the necessary software and training to ensure we carry out the necessary repair in the most efficient time.

Our workshop is ITRE accredited and our technicians are IRTEC accredited.

Our trailer maintenance fleet are fully trained on Knorr-Bremse, Haldex and Wabco trailer EBS Systems.

Our truck workshops are fully equipped with All Makes diagnostic equipment as well as dedicated Scania, MAN, Iveco and Mercedes diagnostic systems.
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IRTEC accredited technicians
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Class 4 & 7 MOT Testing Station

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MOT Class 4 (vehicles over 3 years old) including cars, vans up to 3,000 kg, minibuses (up to 12 passenger seats), camper vans and 4x4s (up to 3,000kg).
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MOT Class 7 (annually) - vans/goods vehicles and 4x4s between 3,000kg and 3,500kg

Our Class 4 & 7 test lane is now open at out Ipswich depot. Call 01473 276716 to make a booking.
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BOOK NOW - tel: 01473 276716 or book online

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Car, van truck, bus and trailer wash system

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Tachograph Centre

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Clutch and transmission specialists

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